HBO DOCUMENTARY Shaun Majumder "Every Word Is Absolutely True"

HBO DOCUMENTARY Shaun Majumder "Every Word Is Absolutely True"

This feature-length documentary follows Canadian funny man Shaun Majumder as he embarks on his first ever cross-Canada solo stand-up tour from St. John's, Newfoundland to Victoria, B.C. Everyone has a story and Shaun is the quintessential storyteller. In this film, we get to see how a stand-up act develops from the genesis of the idea, to its being worked, reworked, and reworked again. Director Peter Esteves' unique and unprecedented access to Shaun's life goes beyond the public persona providing a window that is both funny and deeply revealing. As the story unfolds, a more intimate and complex side of one of Canada's funniest people is revealed.

$1.00 from every purchase goes to Shaun's Social Enterprise in Burlington NL, Canada.

People are the new fish!

The 'OmeSweetOme project is a part of a larger social enterprise spearheaded Shaun. His goal is to bring tourism to his 'Ome-town of Burlington NL by creating social businesses which will fuel a sustainable micro economy for the region. Too many people are forced to leave their families and find work outside the province. We want to slow this trend by creating opportunities for locals through tourism. And we want you as an investor!
All revenue generated from small business created through the not for profit, BSM MANOR go back into the project and the community.

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HBO DOCUMENTARY Shaun Majumder "Every Word Is Absolutely True"

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